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Knitted fur from a natural fibre
Texalana LLC is the factory on knitted woolen fur manufacture, working on the Italian technologies, formed in 2004, has successfully proved in the Russian market.

Our company offers the Buyers the woolen knitted fur combining in the pluses of the natural sheepskin and the artificial fur - fur from the sheep wool. The woolen knitted fur is called because of its basis - jersey, instead of a tanning fabric, pile is the natural sheep wool.

Depending on a planned scope it can be New Zealand crossbreed for clothes, the Australian merino - for the double-sided elite plaids, the color semi thin wool - for shoe fur.

The fur can be manufactured for the different purposes of use with soft, rigid latex impregnation, or with special fixing using no latex for clothes and headdresses, just saying nothing about all variety of the color and the jacquard scale.

Right away we will notice that all fur offered by us is supplied by the certificates of conformity and the hygienic certificate. Scope of this fur application is unusually wide. We have consciously limited ourselves only to three basic directions: footwear/clothes/plaids.

We hope that the use of the production offered by our company at the expense of its super specialty and good quality, will promote the advancement of trademarks of those manufacturers, whose goods don't concede on the quality to the imported ones.

         Х     Main     Х     About the company     Х     Woolen fur     Х     Plaids     Х     Equipment     Х     Contacts