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Shoe fur

Texalana LLC offers the alternative to the natural lining sheepskin – the shoe woolen fur.
It is possible not only to combine the given fur favorably with a natural sheepskin, using it in toe footwear parts, but also to put entirely on all boot safely.
All secret is in the qualitative furnishing which changes the habitual knitted fur, giving it the external similarity to a sheepskin.
Besides the attractive appearance our fur has also a number of unquestionable advantages to the sheepskin.

- Ease of the material

- Higher stability to abrasion

- Absence of an inner side which detains a moisture, badly dries and strongly makes the footwear heavier
- Excellent heat-insulated qualities of pile
All this is at the stable quality, the high percent of use plus more than twice more cheaper then the natural sheepskin.

For constant and wholesale buyers the system of discounts is provided.

We are sure that three determinatives – Appearance – Quality – Price – will become the reason of your choice in a favor of the woolen fur

         Х     Main     Х     About the company     Х     Woolen fur     Х     Plaids     Х     Equipment     Х     Contacts