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Offered blankets-plaids, are made of the knitted woolen cloth manufactured on the Italian technology have the quality and the hygiene certificates.

For your comfort and convenience the pile structure is picked up in the ratio 70 % of wool of the New Zealand lambs and 30 % of a polyester fibre. They keep the constant body temperature and have the medical effect thanks to natural wool.

The given proportions facilitate care of the product and do it softer and more pleasant to touch.

Various coloring will bring the heat, the cosines and the good mood in your house.

We wish you health and pleasant dreams!

Drawing 44982 "Maple leaf" white/brown

Drawing of 62802 "Rings"


                                                White/blue              beige/pink

Drawing "Chippolo" white/brown

Drawing  36523 "Kabas" green/brown

Drawing 20622 "Scandinavia" white/grey

Drawing 13843 "Plaid"

Drawing 20622L "Scandinavian" with LOOP system


Drawing 16012 "Rhombus" white/beige


Drawing 70202 "Flower" white/beige

Drawing 105962 "Aztecs" gray/white

Drawing 90583 "Snowflake" white/brown

                         Drawing 84823 "Sorezino" beige.


"Sorezino" it is white. Drawing 84823

Fiore. Drawing 95843

Blanket "Fur-fabric"

Drawing 72262 "Deer" white/brown

 Structure: 50 % the camel wool;

45 % the sheep wool; 5 % synthetics


         Х     Main     Х     About the company     Х     Woolen fur     Х     Plaids     Х     Equipment     Х     Contacts